i went to tops today and the cashier was pissed that i didnt know how to use the credit card machine. she snarled at me and said i bet your only job has been "would you like fries with that".

i was so pissed. i called over the manager and she said nothing is wrong with working in fast food. its better than "wiping peoples ***". i do work in the fast food industry.

i called the 1800 number and the *** there said that i should take my business else where because tops doesnt like people who use foodstamps. I USEFOODSTAMPS!!

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I have good and bad experience with Tops and some of their practices in my local store make me disappointed in them. However, I am also not a person who deals with poor service like this at the store level, I go to corporate and make sure they are aware that service personnel is turning customers off and away.

Tops corporate customer service has always seemed to listen to my comments, whether good or bad. Bad comments or experiences have always been met with apologies and sometimes an incentive to try the store again, once it was a $25 gift card for a bad experience. I do not believe that Tops would tolerate this kind of behavior from an employee or manager, union or not. I have a small family and still spend at least $400 in the store per month, when they lose customers they lose revenues.

When you can't get a response from corporate the next step is to make shareholders with the corporation aware of these intolerable acts you are experiencing. I do not believe this person, or that they contacted the corporate office.

I would never call either, I like to document by sending feedback through the customer comment card so I have a record to copy of the incident that I can share with those who are invested in the company. Tops is not in business to drive customers away, they are in business to make profits for shareholders.


I am a Tops employee and I see this kind of stuff ALL THE TIME!!! It does happen and most of these employees commenting are the ones that act this way..

They do use rude comments and don't like to do their jobs.. and most get away with it because their union and don't give a *** they know if they get caught its just a write up nothing more.. most employees are high school kids and today's generation don't care about the customer satisfaction or their jobs for that matter.. even though I am an employee at Tops I do not like the way their business is handled or the customers..

most time the managers use an "oh well, whatever" attitude as soon as the customer leaves the store.. and then walk around and talk about it to all the other managers getting a laugh out of it..

POOR business ethics... and its sad because I AM an employee there and feel this company doesnt care about anything but the all mighty buck..


Poster is from Reston, VA. Tops is only in NY & PA. My wife works at Tops and that cashier would have been fired on the spot.


Im a Tops employee and theres no way we would be allowed to speak to any customer in that way. Also we do not discriminate against people that use food stamps because thats 34% of our business!


I also work at a tops and there is absolutely no way that it happened that way. Tops management along with the rest of the associates have- customer service drilled into their heads daily. Unless you are violent or scamming/stealing


If you don't want to shop there then don't. Every body is different.

They work there doesn't mean they are all the same.you happened to meet a few who were unprofessional doesn't mean they are all the same. People who work there are human. They are cashiers, cart pushers or matainance doesn't mean they ar *** and dumn.I am sick and tired of people complaining and whinning. Go get a life!

Whinny people!! I shop there to get my food. I go there and buy my food and get out of the store.

I don't go there to judge people. Welcome to this WORLD!!


I really don't believe this...sorry. I work at a Tops, and there is NO WAY that a manager would say anything like that.

And the person at the 1800 number said that Tops doesn't like Foodstamps? Really because half the business is Foodstamps.


well, there ya go!

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