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TOPS has a new pricing strategy - confuse the consumer! There is a new type of tag on the shelves: the regular price of the item is crossed out and underneath, on a blue background, is a huge number.

IN verrrrry small letters, above this huge price, it says, "you save." The effect is that it appears to the customer that the actual item price is the amount of your discount. Example: Tampons, price of $4.99 X-ed out, underneath, on a blue background (incidentally the same color TOPS uses for discontinued item tags) the price $.70. So, I'm thinking, "Oh, they must have discontinued these particular tampons, I'll grab a bunch of boxes! You can't beat 70 cents!" Then I get up to the register where they ring up $4.29.

When I tell the cashier they are supposed to be 70 cents, she calls someone else, who escorts me back to the aisle and shows me the sign indicating that it's actually "save 70 cents." I complained to her and she told me the employees don't like the signs either because this confusion happens all the time. I asked to speak to a manager and waited 10 minutes for no one to arrive before I finally left. I'm a 30-something woman with good eyesight and a strong will. What happens when an elderly consumer falls for the same scam and then doesn't notice, or is too embarassed to point out, the price difference?

TOPS wins, that's what.

Well, ***, TOPS. Super WalMart is a block away and they can have my business instead.

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Just read the tags, why is there such an aversion to reading in young people nowadays?


heres a thought... get the **** over it and either a. get glasses so u can see the tags correctly or go shop somewhere else and stop complaining.



Good lookin',too.

Khotov, Kyiv, Ukraine #211885

Funny. But it's not just tampons. They are using these new tags on all sorts of products and it's trickery.


Why would an elderly consumer buy tampons?

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